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Educational Levels

We are known for our academic excellence and warm environment.



About Us

We are known for our academic excellence and warm environment.

Cedros is an institution committed with the integral development of its students, favoring the achievement of their capacities on every stage, We keep a high academic level but above all We care for their socio-affective process.

This is a secular and co-educational school. We work with the values that should be encouraged in every sensitive period of development.

We are committed to the care of our planet, we are supportive, empathetic and our commitment is to promote a healthy coexistence in the world.

Cedros saves the planet

Cedros Saves the Planet is a set of programs that counts with the participation of all students, children and adolescents, they learn the importance of the caring for the planet and our responsibility.  

“Teach a child to take care of himself so you have a teenager that cares for his society, therefore you will form an adult who cares for his planet.”

Cedros around the world

Cedros Around the World is a set of projects that takes us in a journey full of adventures and teachings learnt by games, books, and fun activities in and out school.

Through these activities our students will develop useful skills in this globalized, inclusive and multicultural world. Students could enrich themselves through the integration with different cultures and establish new social interactions. At Cedros we are citizens of the world!

Cedros parents guide

It is the space where parents and school work together, we communicate and share information about the formation process of our students. Cedros Parents Guide provides useful tools for parents, so they can better understand and support their children in changes that affect their behavior and consequently their academic development. In addition, it is useful to clarify issues and answer questions and concerns. 


Bilingual School

Our educational model enables students to master the English language as their native language, by using the 4 basic skills of language: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, on a natural, fun and functional way. Living in a bilingual environment, enables children and teenagers to develop academic and socio-affective capabilities.

“Bilingualism enables a boy to be the pilot of his own thinking. This capability is crucial for his social insertion, health and view of the future. Then, perhaps we should promote bilingualism. Among tons of ineffective supply to stimulate the cognitive development, this is an easiest, beautiful and ancestral way of doing it.”

Mariano Sigman

Alliance Partners